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Hardworking. Tenacious. Just A Touch Audacious.

When we say: “We can take it from here” we literally mean from Day One. We can be there from when the blueprints hit the table to the very last SOLD stuck to the sign. Sales is in our blood. There’s no off switch. We’re always hungry, always selling, alway moving and shaking. Always reaching for that golden ring. It’s one win after another after another. 

Ferocious. Ambitious. Fearless. That’s the attitude that you want in the team that works with you.

Manraj Minhas

Founder, Project Leader

Manraj brings experience from both the realtor and marketers’ side of the table and founded Vanguard to meet the new demands of real estate sales and marketing. Utilizing years of experience, Manraj prides himself on finding creative solutions to meet the ever-changing market demands while satisfying homeowners as well as our client partners.

manraj@vanguardrem.com •  (604) 512-1295

Nikki Dumrique

Project & Sales Coordinator

Nikki is a master at supporting internal as well as external coordination of sales and marketing activities including photo and video shoots as well as realtor and community events. She has excellent communication skills and works very closely with the sales team and external agencies.

Dennis Whitfield

Studio Manager

A tireless producer, printer, developer, and designer with over ten years of experience. Dennis has worked for companies including IKEA and Air Transat. He is known for his unique solutions and continued dedication to advancing his skills.

Ashley Belzer

Client Care

Ashley’s first priority is to make her clients happy. She is very patient and easygoing which is a great asset when working in this field. Ashley listens to her clients' wants and needs to achieve the best outcome in every transaction.

Sahib Duhra

Social Media Expert & Global Outreach

With over 3 years of experience, Sahib Duhra is driven to provide excellent service to each and every one of his clients. He is a 2021 Director Award winner. 

An experienced real estate agent who fully understands the Greater Vancouver real estate market, Sahib enjoys helping clients buy their dream home, or sell their current residence. He has extensive service in both the residential housing market and the commercial market as well as pre-sales. He is fully committed to ensure his clients’ best interests are taken care of, whether they are buying or selling a home or business. Sahib is an excellent listener and thrives on finding solutions to every problem.


604-512-1295  info@vanguardrem.com

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